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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy for Children With 

 Exceptionalities in the Greater Toronto Area

When people hear the words occupational therapy, they tend to think of a workplace injury or accident where physical rehabilitation is required.

While occupational therapy does offer this service to adults, they also help children of all age levels with mental disabilities or disorders perform tasks, improve mobility, and go about their day with more ease and freedom.

Expert Occupational Therapists

Through early assessment and treatment with a professional occupational therapist, many children with autism and other exceptionalities grow up to live independent, fulfilled lives.

From one-time event volunteering to ongoing support for our weekly programs, we love to see more community members joining our mission.

By acquiring new skill sets and behaviours through occupational therapy, children learn how to better communicate and develop their own personal interests.

Not only does the child benefit from their personalized treatment plan, but they are also enriched by their relationship with the therapist.

When a professional therapist continuously guides a child with autism over time, they build a trusting relationship and establish routines that promote faster growth and development.

The occupational therapists and services at AIM assist children in confidently succeeding at daily tasks and activities, including:

Self-care: dressing, grooming, feeding, toileting, and mobility

Productivity: school work, writing, manipulating tools, and learning

Leisure: playground activities, socializing, sports, art, and religious practice

Occupational Therapy Assessment

There are two facets of an occupational therapist’s job: analysis and therapy.

At AIM, our therapists study the child’s psychology, which helps them better understand what motivates the child’s behaviour

When you first arrive at AIM for occupational therapy, your therapist will evaluate your child’s behaviour to craft a personalized treatment plan. They will begin by assessing your child’s motor skills, ability to communicate and interact with other children, and attention span, before sharing the best treatment options available

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan for children with learning challenges.

Our goal at AIM is to give your child the best opportunities possible throughindividual programs.

Occupational Therapy Skills

Fine Motor Skills


Visual Perception & Cognition


Gross Motor Skills


Sensory Skills


Self Care Skills


Independent Living


How AIM’s Occupational Therapists Help

The benefits of occupational therapy are far-reaching.

AIM’s professional staff provides occupational therapy interventions by helping children and their families:

Develop critical skills like expressing emotions, focusing on tasks, engaging with peers, building relationships, and self-care.

Use assistive devices or technologies for more ease in everyday life.

Find alternative ways of accomplishing day-to-day tasks that take into account your child’s abilities.

Make environmental modifications at home and/or school for greater success

Manage sensory challenges to minimize potential distractions or source of distress.

Understand the unique challenges they face and master intervention strategies for the future.

Through acceptance, compassion, and dedication, as well as a variety of proven therapy approaches (play-based, cognitive-based, behavioural, sensory integration) AIM’s occupational therapists work with you and your child to equip them with the skills they need to have a brighter future.

AIM provides professional occupational therapy for autism in Markham, Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area. Occupational therapy services are covered by most group health benefits plans. Check your extended health plan for coverage details.

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