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Here’s the truth about autism in Ontario:

1 in 66

Over 50k children

2-4 years

1 in 66

Children in Ontario are
diagnosed with autism
spectrum disorder.

Over 50k children

in Ontario are
on waitlists for
Ontario Autism Program
(OAP - government funding to start therapy)

2-4 years

Time it takes
to receive funding
for autism services.

Research proves the first few years of a child’s life are the most important when it comes to autism treatment. At Autism In Mind (AIM), we’ve seen firsthand how appropriate autism services transform children.

That’s why we’re doing our part to help families access therapy services by offering our AIM Subsidized Therapy Program for children with autism.

AIM strives to help as many families as possible by keeping our administrative expenses low.

Over 85% of our monetary donations go straight into supporting children by expanding the AIM Subsidized Therapy Program and AIM CARE program, obtaining high-quality equipment and materials, and broadening our services to help more families in need.

Community is a driving force in creating awareness, acceptance, and change.

Meeting families’ needs means understanding where they are now before guiding them forward

Little things are never really little so we should celebrate every milestone.

Ways To Support Families and Children With Autism:

Stories of Transformation

Individual Support For AIM

Monthly Donation

When you become a monthly donor, you’re a constant help to families who struggle to meet the challenges of everyday life with a child with an exceptionality

Your monthly donation makes a meaningful impact on these children by keeping funding costs low and improving access to critical services, treatment, and equipment.

Donations are always directed to priority needs and programs such as:

Charitable Bequest

By leaving a gift to AIM in your will, your legacy will foster an inclusive space without barriers for children with autism.

Your support will enable us to provide essential family and child services in a lasting and meaningful manner

To leave a charitable bequest to AIM, contact your legal or financial advisor to ensure your philanthropic wishes are fulfilled.

Please use our ‘Autism In Mind Children’s Charity’ as our legal name when drafting your will.

Our Charitable Registration Number for Revenue Canada is 83238 6635 RR0001

Equity Giving

Equity giving is an easy, cash-free, and impactful way to support our mission.

Taxes on capital gains are not applied to gifts made through stocks, mutual funds, or securities.

You receive a tax break that allows you to give more than you imagined, and AIM receives the full market value of your donation.

Before making an equity gift, please consult with your financial advisor.

When ready to donate, please complete our secure, equity donation form below through CanadaHelps.

AIM Charity Events

The majority of AIM’s funding is raised through our annual events: the AIM Gala, Toonie 4 Autism, and Marathon. These events allow us to bring communities together to expand our programs and help more children reach their full potential.

Sponsors of our events enjoy a prominent feature in our fundraising materials as well as the knowledge they’re making a difference in the lives of children with autism.

Contact us today if you or your organization would like to sponsor or participate in our upcoming events.

AIM 2022 TCS Waterfront Marathon

AIM Toonie 4 Autism

Previous Events

Corporate Support For AIM

AIM Together is a program specifically for our corporate partners who want to help bring our community together and support children with autism in a variety of ways.

Your organization can support us through:

Toy Drive

Ask your staff to help AIM collect toys that our clinicians and therapists urgently need.

Product Donation

Donate a product in full or at a discount to support AIM with essential items or fundraising gifts.

Points of Sale

Donate a percentage of profit or equity one-time or on an ongoing basis to support AIM’s operations.

Vocational Training

Set up a training day to allow our students to come in and learn about a select area of your business.

Gift Matching

Encourage our community to get involved with a gift-matching strategy that generates additional funding through your support.


Enjoy a plaque with your business name on it, public recognition of your generous support, and the knowledge that you’re providing a safe space for children to learn and grow by helping fund our facilities.

Volunteering At AIM

Whether you have professional experience with autism, a personal history, or an interest in supporting children with exceptionalities, AIM is always looking for a variety of skills and support.

From one-time event volunteering to ongoing support for our weekly programs, we love to see more community members joining our mission.

To find out more about our volunteer opportunities and get
involved, please complete our Volunteer Application form.

Better care and better futures with your donations.

Every child deserves access to quality autism services when they matter most, regardless of waitlists and finances.

Make a difference and help children with autism access the services they need with a one-time or monthly donation.