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As a leading provider of autism services, Autism in Mind (AIM) teaches children helpful and necessary skills at a critical time in their lives.

AIM’s work is rooted in our values of acceptance, community, compassion and opportunity to help families across the Greater Toronto Area receive funding for specialized therapy services to help children with autism live without barriers.

By offering ABA and IBI therapy, AIM supports children in improving their communication and developing learning skills that help them thrive at home, in school, and in society.

What is ABA Therapy and How Does It Help Children With Autism?

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a scientifically validated approach to understanding the relationship between behaviours and the environment.

ABA is not specific to children with autism but can be used to design treatments for individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities.

Using proven processes, therapists seek to understand behaviour and create strategies to modify environments to teach appropriate and functional behaviours.

The focus of ABA therapy is on improving quality of life, especially in social contexts by enhancing communication, self-help, independence, play and leisure, and social skills.

When people with autism are taught social skills using an ABA approach, they can unlock their potential and enjoy fulfilling life experiences.

Teenagers and adults with autism undergoing ABA therapy have especially shown improvements in social skills and communication, and have even acquired the skills to live independently.

Some of the principles of ABA include:

The physical and social environment effects individual behaviour

Individual behaviour is impacted by a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors

Consequences, or the way our behaviour changes the physical and social environment, helps to shape the learning process

Positive reinforcement is effective in increasing and maintaining a person's behaviour

Socially significant learning goals are broken down into smaller steps to make achieving them easier

Meaningful skills and goals are practiced in various situations to promote generalization

What is IBI Therapy and How Does It Help Children With Autism?

Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is a therapeutic approach that uses the principles, methods, and techniques of ABA to treat children with autism through intensive hours in a one-to-one setting,

IBI’s immersive approach increases the rate at which children with autism learn by focusing on teaching young children learning behaviours like imitation, cooperation, and attention by breaking complex skills down into small, incremental steps.

This intensive program requires 20 to 40 hours per week of treatment and is designed specifically for children with moderate to severe autism who benefit from dedicated behavioural therapy.

At AIM, our programs are conducted by highly trained IBI therapists in one-on-one sessions tailored to the child’s learning pace and needs.

In addition, our IBI programs are supervised by our clinical psychologist, Dr. Amanda Morgan.

Through positive reinforcement and systematic prompting procedures, children gain new skills, remember previously acquired knowledge, and experience greater success in their overall education. Therapists continuously record, closely monitor, and analyze progress to adapt the treatment as needed.

Once your child is diagnosed with autism, you are eligible to apply for Ontario Autism Program (OAP Funding). However, waitlists for OAP funding can be long and families often opt for private funding or self-funding to start necessary treat- ment for their children.

If you’re curious about ABA/IBI therapy for your child, reach out now for your free consultation.

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