Supporting Children’s

Needs With Specialized

Psychological Services

Psychologist Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Our team at AIM knows that your child’s happiness, health, and development comes first.

To guarantee we stay at the forefront of therapeutic services and support, we have a clinical psychologist who not only supervises all our programs but also performs comprehensive assessments of each child. 

Dr. Amanda Morgan is a clinical psychologist specializing in childhood development and early intervention for children with autism. Currently, in addition to her work at AIM, Dr. Morgan is a professor at Tyndale University and the clinical director of AAA Psychology.  

With Dr. Morgan on board, AIM provides child development assessments and autism diagnoses to ensure your child receives the right programming and treatment.

The two most common assessments that Dr. Morgan conducts are:

  1. Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) to assess social and communication skills and assist in the autism diagnosis process. 

  2. Psychoeducational Assessment to assess reasoning, problem solving, memory, impulse control, and attention span to assist in diagnosing learning disabilities. 

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