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Work For Your Family

Taking the first step with your child

The first months after your child has received an autism diagnosis, or as you wait for an assessment, is overwhelming and stressful.

You may have questions about your child’s future and abilities or how to access treatments or funding. You may just want to talk to an expert and share your anxieties or confusion.

You may also feel a glimmer of hope since now you have an answer and a path to walk down to help your child reach their highest potential.

Our team at Autism in Mind (AIM) is right there with you, helping you find the right programs, funding, and answers to all your questions.

That’s why our entire process celebrates your child’s abilities and helps them reach greater achievements, whether that’s entering school, making friends, following instructions, or learning greater independence.

Stories of Transformation

The Three-Step AIM Process

While AIM offers a range of services, treatments, and group programs for children with autism and other exceptionalities, we also recognize that you may not know where to start

That’s why every family that enters AIM begins with a consultation so that together, we can create a personalized program that fits your family’s needs.

Our three-step process to get started at AIM involves:

Complete an Intake Form

Whether you’re requesting funding information, scheduling a free consultation call, or ready to sign your child up for a program, we ask that everyone complete an intake form.

From there, our admin team will review your information and get back to you as soon as possible with the appropriate support.

Schedule an Assessment

When space in our programs becomes available, our team will schedule an assessment and one-hour intake meeting with our Senior Therapist as well as a tour of AIM’s facility.

As children develop rapidly, we do not schedule assessments unless there is space available in our programs so we can ensure they are a good fit for your child.

Begin Personalized Programming

Once your child has been assessed, our Senior Therapist will develop personalized programming based on your child’s and family’s needs.

Not every group program or treatment we offer is the right fit for every child.

Effective treatment begins with not overloading your child or pushing them too far. Instead, we meet them where they are now and encourage them to grow at a pace best for them.

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