Toonie 4 Autism

“Toonie can change the world”

Your Toonie provides essential therapy and development growth to kids with Autism and other learning challenges.

1 in 66

Children in Canada
are diagnosed with
Autism Spectrum

2-3 yrs old

The average age
of a child when
signs of autism
typically appear


the average cost
of care per year for
a child with autism


the amount covered
by the Ontario Health
Insurance Plan (OHIP)
for autism treatment

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Our vision is to foster an inclusive society with no barriers for children with autism.

From helping just one child receive the care and support they needed, Autism In Mind (AIM) has grown into a community of therapists, teachers, and others who lead with compassion.

Through this journey, we’ve found that small acts of kindness spread and gather to create an unbelievable difference in the lives of families with exceptionalities.

With your help together we can support end enrich the lives for children and families with autism.

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