AIM Hero Gala


Celebrating our 5th year anniversary as a charity is nothing short of a dream come true. From our first annual fundraiser to the AIM Hero Gala 2016, we are so proud of the growth and continued support we receive each year.

The evening celebrated our everyday heroes making a difference in the lives of our little ones. These are the unsung heroes of autism, our dedicated parents who support their children unconditionally, AIM staff and volunteers who provide valuable services, community members and partners who support us along the way and most importantly the children who inspire us every day.

This years gala was particularly special because it was the final push we needed for our AIM Home. That’s right, with the support of our AIM Charity friends, we can move to a larger centre dedicated to our services and expanding our reach!

We are so thankful for everyday heroes like yourselves who are committed to supporting our programs and initiatives!

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