Toonie 4 Autism 2016


With community events and fundraisers held throughout the month of April, Autism Awareness Month is one of our busiest months of the year. We proudly share AIM Children’s Charity’s vision of inclusiveness and educate our community about autism.

We had a great time speaking with Arirang Korea TV about World Autism Awareness Day at our Toonie 4 Autism  kickoff event at Galleria Supermarket. We also teamed up with Galleria throughout the month of April to help raise awareness and support of the continuation of our programs.

Our friends Ayra and Isobell from Markham District High School did an incredible job hosting a cupcake sale for our Toonie 4 Autism fundraiser. Thank you ladies for your amazing contribution! We are so proud of young community members like you who take the time and initiative to be a part of the AIM team.

Autism education is an important pillar to insuring a more inclusive society for children with autism. It was great to see children learn about autism awareness at Beckett Farm Public School. Students and teachers helped raise awareness and grew a beautiful autism tree. Big thank you to teacher Talia Kniznik who coordinated this event for AIM at her school.

Thank you also to Markham District High School, Bean Around the World, “I Am” art show, Black Walnut PS and Milal Church for supporting our Toonie 4 Autism fundraiser. We are so grateful for friends like you who are helping us bring communities together to support children with autism.

Video by Arirang Korea TV for our Galleria Supermarket event

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