Social Skills Training Program for Autism in Markham & Toronto - GTA
(Group programs are suspended during 2021 provincial lock down until further notice)

AIM ABA Programs

At AIM, we know that giving children the opportunity to socialize under professional care is just as important as one-on-one therapy. In fact, our social programs are designed as a supplement to therapy – a setting where kids can apply what they’ve learned in a natural group environment. Our volunteers and therapists help kids with autism work on critical social skills, while having fun. All social group programs have a low ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 adults to children. We ease kids into group activities, at a pace they can handle. Read on to learn about our four key programs.


School Readiness

Children from ages two and a half to five in the Greater Toronto Area are welcome to join in this three to five days per week program that is designed to prepare them for entering kindergarten in the public school system. Students enjoy a similar curriculum to get them used to engaging with other students and participating in daily activities in a school environment. The sooner a student can start learning to adapt to a school environment, the better their minds will develop. This program requires prerequisite skills, please contact AIM to arrange a tour and assessment.

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Saturday Social Skills

Every Saturday morning children with autism are welcome to participate in small groups where they learn communication, fine motor/gross motor, and social skills. These Saturday sessions are fun, relaxing, and casual —a perfect way for kids with autism to start their weekend.

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After School & Respite Program

AIM’s After School & Respite services are designed to incorporate play and learning opportunities together and are supervised by our behavioural therapists in a low ratio 1:3 setting.

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Holiday Camp

Kids with autism are invited to participate in a fun and educational camp experience where they have the opportunity to meet new friends and learn important social skills. Enjoy engaging, theme-based activities—such as arts and crafts, field trips, and excursions—that are designed to be fun and educational. Children are taught how to initiate conversations with their peers and to accomplish social goals, such as recognizing emotions, fine and gross motor skills, and eye contact.

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Emotional Regulation (ER)

Does your child have challenges with identifying emotions within themselves or in others, problem solving or and self-regulating?

Autism in Mind will focus on teaching skills to help students identify emotions in themselves and others and to learn strategies to self-regulate

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Social Skills (SS)

Does your child have challenges with effective social and communication skills including conversation skills, sharing and playing?

Autism in Mind provides three levels of Social Skills Programs to ensure your child’s social communication skills develop appropriately.

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Handwriting without tears (HWR)


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