Services for Kids with Autism in Markham, Toronto and the GTA

Assessment & Therapy for Children with Autism

Children with autism require a holistic approach to helping them develop routine skills and coping mechanisms. In order to provide our children with an enriching learning experience, we offer a full range of social skills programs as well as occupational therapy. The sooner parents agree on a treatment plan for a child with autism, the more likely that child can begin to integrate into the school system, develop relationships, and grow up to become an independent person. At AIM, we provide a wealth of services for children and their parents to navigate through their early years of autism in an environment built upon acceptance, compassion, and dedication.


Our Applied Behavioural Analysis and Intensive Behavioural Intervention programs help kids with autism carry out their day-to-day activities and develop their learning skills. Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) is a scientific approach to learning and studies the relationship between behaviour and the environment. It helps children with autism take on daily tasks while improving their quality of life. Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) is a therapeutic treatment that employs the principles of ABA in a more condensed timeframe.

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Occupational Therapy (OT)

Our occupational therapists give children the tools they need to handle daily life tasks—such as grooming, toileting, and holding objects—cope with their emotions, solve problems, communicate with others, and take care of themselves. By empowering children with autism from a young age, they are more likely to succeed in gaining independence.

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Speech Therapy (SLP)

At AIM, Speech-Language Pathology services may include the prevention, assessment, and intervention of speech, language, social communication, voice, fluency, and swallowing disorders. Services are provided by our Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)and Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA).


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School Readiness

Before children enter kindergarten, our School Readiness Program prepares them for the daily challenges of being in a public school environments, such as interacting with other children and following a curriculum. Small group settings in our program helps children receive the support they need.

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Saturday Social Skills

This program is available every Saturday morning for children with autism from ages two and a half to 10. Kids have a chance to engage with program facilitators in a casual environment where they can develop their communication, fine motor/gross motor, and social skills.

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After-School & Respite

These service provides a setting where students with autism can integrate work and play, which is supervised by our behavioural therapists.

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Holiday Camp

Children with autism are given the opportunity to have fun at camp while developing their social skills and sharing new experiences. Camp activities include entertaining and educational excursions, arts and crafts, sports and co-operative play, and group activities; all planned and facilitated by our professional therapists.

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Emotional Regulation (ER)

Does your child have challenges with identifying emotions within themselves or in others, problem solving or and self-regulating?

Autism in Mind will focus on teaching skills to help students identify emotions in themselves and others and to learn strategies to self-regulate

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Social Skills (SS)

Does your child have challenges with effective social and communication skills including conversation skills, sharing and playing?

Autism in Mind provides three levels of Social Skills Programs to ensure your child’s social communication skills develop appropriately.

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