Programs designed to prepare for life outside of IBI


We are pleased to partner with the City of Markham to introduce students to Cornell Community Centre and Library as part of a School Readiness Program activity, designed to familiarize them with large public spaces and generalize skills they learn in one-to-one IBI sessions.

“It’s really important for our children with autism to experience going to a community centre and experience life outside of their one-to-one IBI sessions,” said Tamara Fernandez, lead therapist at AIM.  “We are so grateful to the City of Markham and Cornell Community Centre for giving us the opportunity to bring our children with autism here.”

Our students spent the morning exploring the facility’s sensory room (Snoezelen Room) equipped with a ball pit, special lighting and objects designed for a variety of therapeutic purposes. Activities like these help our little guys with touch, exploration and balancing their sensory needs.

“We also went to the indoor playground. Over there we practiced taking turns, waiting, lining up. Skills that they would utilize in a school environment,” said Tamara.

This new partnership is the first of its kind for AIM Charity and City of Markham. The 120, 000 sq ft. facility also features a library, swimming pool and gymnasium and provides various inclusion services for the needs of all families in the community.

For Luke Hilts, Community Program Coordinator for Cornell, from the City of Markham’s standpoint, “Everybody has the right and the ability to play and we want them out there playing.”

Thank you Cornell and City of Markham for helping us plan a fun and educational day for our little ones!

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