Pro Music “Give Back” Recital 


The talented teachers and musicians from Markham’s very own Pro-Music Conservatory graciously donated their time and talents at our Pro-Music “Give Back” Recital.

Attendees enjoyed an evening of classical and jazz music and listened to parents share the story of their journey with AIM. Our parents helped deliver our message that children with autism don’t fit into a box. There is no one size fits all solution and that every child is unique and experiences the world differently. While the journey is long and there may be many failures along the way, at AIM Charity we want to always encourage our parents to try everything and never give. Nobody learns without getting it wrong.

Thank you musicians, volunteers and parents who helped to make this night a success. This evening would not be possible without our awesome attendees who support our events, buy raffle tickets, invite their friends and family and share in our vision.

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