Doors Open to AIM’s New Home


It all started with a dream to help one struggling family with the cost of autism therapy. That dream grew to expanding our reach to just a few more families, then in to more community outreach. Today, we are proud of how that dream has multiplied. It is hard to imagine that 5 years later we would be celebrating the opening of a permanent AIM Home dedicated to bringing hope to families living with autism and fostering community awareness, acceptance and understanding.

Without the incredible participation and support we receive from our community partners and supporters, none of this would be possible. Over the past year and a half our staff, parents and volunteers worked tirelessly to not only support the continuation of our programs but towards the ambitious goal of raising funds for an AIM Charity centre committed to our dreams.

Moving Forward

We have accomplished so much in a short period of time but there are so much more to be done. The opening of a new centre means we can now expand our reach to more families and have an even greater impact. With more therapy rooms, we are able to work one to one with more children and help change even more lives.

That decision to support one family nearly six years ago is what lead to the creation of Autism in Mind Children’s Charity. It inspires us everyday to keep pushing, to continue breaking barriers, to raise awareness and to expand our reach to more families in need of our love and support.

Click for Grand Opening Event Details

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