After diagnosis, the first step to accessing IBI for your child in Ontario is to contact your regional program for funding or direct treatment.  Regional programs are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Service.

Regional office contact information can be found here

Regional programs provide completely funded autism services, including speech therapy, OT and ABA/IBI. Families elect what is called Direct Service Option (DSO) when they choose to receive autism services directly from the regional programs.

There are waitlists for DSO, and the services are time-limited, available for free for one year on average.

Alternatively, families may choose the Direct Funding Option (DFO). DFO families receive Ministry funding for autism therapy and can choose a private or non-profit autism service provider, like AIM.

AIM offers IBI/ABA programs with four funding options:

1.Direct Funding Option (DFO)

As noted above, families may choose to receive direct funding for autism services from the Ministry, as an alternative to DSO. Under DFO, families purchase IBI services from an approved provider.

AIM provides services to DFO families and our Clinical Supervisor is Dr. James Porter.

2. Private Grants

Private grant options available to families with an income of less than $75,000 include:

3. Self-Funded

For families who are able to pay for therapy, AIM offers a reasonable rate equal to the DFO rate. The AIM rate is inclusive with no added or hidden costs.

Some extended health insurance plans include coverage for autism services to offset the cost of self-funding. Check with your company or insurance provider to confirm what treatments are covered.

4. AIM Subsidized Programs

AIM offers a subsidized treatment program, as funding permits. All families are welcome to apply, but priority is given to those whose household income is less than $75,000 per year, and who are currently on the waitlist for government funded autism services.The subsidy rate depends on each family’s situation.

Click here for our online application.

Regardless of funding, all children at AIM receive best-in-class treatment based on their individual needs.

We’re grateful to our donors, corporate sponsors and everyone who supports our fundraising events. Together, you make possible AIM’s work on behalf of children with autism.