Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Virtual Marathon


Autism In Mind Children’s Charity focuses on providing early intervention services for children from age 2.5 -10. Our School Readiness Program, Social Skills Programs and AIM Without Limits Subsidized Therapy Program are all subsidized programs to allow families living with autism access to services regardless of their financial resources. Our vision is to foster an inclusive society with no barriers for children with autism.

AIM Without Limits captures the very essence of our values and vision. We believe it’s not only possible, but necessary, to provide support and services to each child with autism according to their needs so that they can achieve their full potential without boundaries. This program is an integrated subsidized therapy service that includes 40-60 hours of IBI (Intensive Behavioral Intervention) per month at $20 per hour. This will allow families with limited financial resources to access therapy services for their children while they are on government wait lists for funding.

This year, it is more important than ever for AIM to continue its mission of providing accessible services due to COVID-19’s financial impact on all families. Our goal is to provide services in a safe environment for all of the children and staff that walk through our centre doors. You can help make this a reality by supporting our efforts to secure medical grade air filters for each of our therapy rooms. Join our fundraising team or make a donation to support our virtual race campaign and you will help to provide a safe and healthy environment for our kids to keep learning and growing in!

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