2022 Toonie 4 Autism

With the continued challenge from Covid-19, AIM annual fundraising Toonie 4 Autism Campaign that we usually held with our community and business partners in April and May of each year will continue to take place virtually. Toonie 4 Autism is an annual event where we bring communities together to raise the awareness of autism and to raise much needed fund for our subsidized programs like AIM without Limit Subsidized Therapy Program.  This program was designed to help those families gain access to affordable one-to-one therapy for 12 months (with 50-60 hours of therapy per month) at a subsidy rate while they are waiting for government funding. Many children have benefited through the 9000+ subsidized IBI hours that this program has provided.

Our subsidized programs existence rely solely on the generosity of supporters in our communities. Your support will help AIM continue our mission of:

  • Raise awareness and acceptance in our communities, challenge the social stigmas of Autism. Help others to understand that children with Autism deserve equal opportunity to live up to their full potential.
  • Enhance the lives of children with Autism through our programs and support their participation in the community.

For our school awareness activities site, please visit https://autisminmind.org/school

Duration: April 1, 2022 – June 30, 2022

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