AIM Stories

One of the greatest rewards of helping children with autism is watching them bloom. As a result of therapy and social programs, we’ve seen children make huge strides in their skills, emotional lives, relationships and integration with the community. Read on to learn about some of the special children who have been a part of AIM.

VG’s Story

3-year old VG was non-verbal, aggressive, and not able to follow routine or group activity when he came to AIM. IBI therapy has helped VG to express himself and significantly increased his receptive understanding. By the age of 4, VG was able to communicate with simple words and follow instructions with minimal prompting. He demonstrates no aggressive behaviour. VG’s mother always says that without therapy and AIM’s initial support, her son would not be the way he is now.

WM’s Story

Before WM started IBI therapy, he was a non-verbal child with aggression towards adults and peers. WM started IBI therapy at age 3 and learned to talk, use the washroom, play with his friends and follow daily routines. We were so happy to see WM developing friendships. Without his IBI treatment, he would have continued to struggle with communication. At the age of 4, WM joined public school full-time. He’s now able to make new friends and loves to learn!

LN’s Story

LN was diagnosed with autism at age 2.5. Initially, she made very little eye contact and rarely interacted with others. After 6 months in AIM’s IBI Therapy Program, LN demonstrated dramatic progress. She began making full eye contact, interacting socially and showing an understanding of daily routines. At age 4 LN joined full-time junior kindergarten.

BB’s Story

BB was diagnosed with autism at age 2.5, and when he came to AIM at age 3 he was non-verbal. In IBI, he learned to use full sentences and developed a keen interest in people around him. By age 4, his speech therapist was surprised that his language was, in many aspects, in line with typical language development for his age. BB was able to enter full-day kindergarten at age 4.

SA’s Story

SA was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. He rarely made eye contact and had issues with social interaction, self-help, communication, gross motor and fine motor skills. He also showed severe sensory discomfort when exposed to sounds, visual stimulation and touch. It was hard to approach SA at the beginning of his therapy. However, after starting AIM’s IBI Therapy Program, SA is now able to say 5 to 8 words, can visually discriminate and ask for what he wants. He goes to full-time junior kindergarten in a Markham community class.

AS’s Story

AS was diagnosed with autism and introduced to AIM by his York Region Early Interventionist. When AS first joined us, he showed highly aggressive behaviours and his communication skills were underdeveloped. After a few months of IBI therapy with AIM, he is now a totally different boy. AS has good compliance and communication skills. He uses calm words to express his needs and feelings. AS’s parents have said that AIM’s support changed their family’s lives.

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